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At Rock Compliance, our portfolio of compliance services has been developed to help you get the maximum value from your facility. This is achieved by improved performance of building equipment and systems, ease of management, and reliability and cost-saving through improved operational efficiency.

This starts even before the doors open for business, with our pre-commissioning and commissioning service.

Pre-commissioning – for clear, clean systems and peace of mind

Pre-commissioning activities allow facility owners to rest assured that the start-up and future operations of their facilities will run smoothly. Done properly, pre-commissioning ensures that all parts of a plant are in a suitable state of cleanliness and readiness prior to the commissioning and future operations of a plant.

It is important to protect against blockages, corrosion, and growth of micro-organisms within newly-fabricated heating and pipework systems. Prior to balancing, a pre-commissioning cleaning service should be carried out across all water systems. This is a simple yet highly effective step in ensuring the future durability and hygiene of the building systems.

Commissioning and Start-up – for optimum performance of systems

A plant or facility should be inspected, checked, cleaned, flushed, verified and tested before it is handed over for normal operation. This process is called commissioning

Commissioning of air and water systems is an essential process by which to deliver safe, operational, and energy-efficient hydronic and ventilation systems. From ‘Static Completion’ stage to ‘Setting to Work’, Team Rock engineers bring new air or water systems into balance so they achieve the flow rates specified by the design.

We ensure systems continue to operate at optimum performance by carrying out thorough and precise balancing of distribution and components. The outcome is a comfortable and sustainable environment for owners and occupants.

Team Rock – your pre-commissioning and commissioning partner

A planned preventative maintenance (PPM) package from Rock Compliance helps you to achieve:

  • An ongoing reduction in non-conformances
  • Low risk, compliant systems
  • Minimised and predictable spend

The objective of all our compliance contracts is to reduce risk. We achieve this by working with you to take the appropriate preventative action on the back of all non-conformances. This eliminates the root cause of risk.

All pre-commissioning and remediation flushing and cleaning is implemented in accordance with BSRIA BG 29/2021 and BG 50/2021, in close collaboration with the designers and installing contractor.

All commissioning activities are carried out by our fully qualified engineers, in accordance with CIBSE, HTM and BSRIA guidelines to ensure they meet all project and regulatory requirements. Measurements are documented across detailed commissioning test sheets, with recommendations to resolve any identified deficiencies.

With national coverage, delivered by skilled engineers, we are always on hand when you need us.



Cleaning of new and existing pipework systems

Pre-commission cleaning is the process of bringing a closed heating or cooling system to a satisfactory state for commissioning, in line with the current guidance of BISRA BG 292021.


Closed loop pre-treatment flushing (CPC)

Closed loop pre-treatment flushing (CPC) is a methodology of cleaning pipework by ensuring that systems are filled with an appropriate closed circuit scale and corrosion inhibitor from the very first fill.


Closed system sampling and reporting

It is important to regularly test your closed heating or cooling system for microbiological and chemistry levels. Carrying this out ensures that the system is under good control and has sufficient chemical inhibitor levels to prevent microbiological growth and protect against corrosion and scale.


Disinfection or pipework chlorination

Disinfection, sometimes referred to as pipework chlorination,is the process of disinfecting and pre-commissioning a building’s internal hot and cold domestic water system or an incoming main.


Descaling and acid cleaning for boilers and heat exchangers

When steam boilers and heating and cooling systems are operated with hard water, it can result in a loss of energy and heat transfer, leading to a build-up of limescale and other mineral deposits that may, in turn, affect system efficiency.



HVAC commissioning and testing

The primary purpose of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is to control environmental conditions within a building.  The correct pre-commissioning and commissioning of the HVAC systems is essential to ensure that they operate efficiently and to the design intent.


Balancing and regulation of LTHW/chilled water and process water systems

The aim of balancing is to apply a disciplined procedure of adjustment to water flow rates throughout a system to meet the requirements of the design.  Carrying out water balancing, quality and flow in large commercial buildings helps to maintain operational efficiency and thus reduce plant running costs.


Balancing and regulation of ventilation systems

The aim of carrying out balancing and regulation of ventilation systems is to apply a disciplined procedure of adjustment to air flow rates to meet the requirements of the design.   Commissioning and balancing of the ventilation system post-installation is essential to be certain of adequate airflow throughout your building.


Hospital theatre validation to HTM guidance

Clean and ultraclean air

The principle of modern conventional theatre ventilation is to remove airborne contamination generated in the theatre and prevent the ingress of possibly contaminated air from the surrounding areas.


Cleanroom validation/ Classification and particle counting

A cleanroom is a controlled environment that is designed and built to control the concentration of airborne particulates. Pollutants like dust, airborne microbes and aerosol particles must be filtered out to provide the cleanest possible area for the sensitive products being worked on in the cleanroom.


Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and COSHH testing

Airborne contaminants in the workplace present a very real danger.  Every year, thousands of workers contract occupational lung diseases such as occupational asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease because they breath in too much dust, fume or other airborne contaminants.


Existing system validation and verification checks (sick building/indoor air qualitytest)

Why is indoor air quality (IAQ) important?

All workplaces need an adequate supply of fresh, clean air.  It’s essential for a comfortable environment, in which staff are able to work productively and safely.  Without it, productivity goes down, sick days go up, and your bottom line suffers.


Seasonal and continuous commissioning testing

From sweltering heat to freezing cold and everything in between, your engineering services systems need to operate as well in December as they do in August. Seasonal commissioning involves checking heating systems in winter and mechanical cooling systems in summer against commissioning data and carrying out any necessary remedial action identified as a result.


Preparation of commissionability studies

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings.  As well as enabling temperature control and oxygen replenishment, it provides better indoor air quality (IAQ) by removing moisture, smoke, odours, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases from the air.


DOP HEPA / ULPA integrity testing

Commissioning of air systems to a high standard in order to comply with the latest guidelines is an essential process by which to deliver compliant and energy-efficient ventilation systems.


Commissioning Management

What is commissioning management?

Rock Compliance offers a quality assurance commissioning management service that ensures all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client.


Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contracts from Rock Compliance:

Do I need a PPM strategy?

At Rock Compliance, integrity is important to us, so we’re going to be honest with you – you don’t have to have a PPM strategy, but it makes really good business sense to set one up as soon as possible.

Preparing for launch at Oxford University

Preparing for launch at Oxford University

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Making a positive contribution

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Whether it is an issue of compliance, an investment decision, or if you are just not sure whether your existing provider is giving you what you need, please contact us.

We will be happy to give you advice on how to create low risk, compliant air hygiene systems, ensuring spend is minimised and predictable.

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