To protect against blockages, corrosion, maximise energy efficiency and limit the growth of micro-organisms within newly-fabricated heating and pipework systems, it is essential that prior to balancing, a pre-commissioning cleaning service is carried out across all water systems. It is a simple yet highly effective step in ensuring the future durability and hygiene of the building’s systems.

Rock Compliance’s pre-commissioning and M&E specialists support clients on major construction projects with pipework flushing and pre-commissioning cleaning across a broad range of new build and building refurbishment projects. Our IOT technology for remote monitoring of water and air systems is ideal suited to SMART buildings.

Services offered by our engineers include cleaning of LTHW, MTHW, HTHW, chilled water and condenser water circuits. Small-bore control valves and regulated valves strainers can become blocked with system contaminants such as building debris and jointing compound rendering the system out of operation. The use of chemicals within this process can enhance the cleaning process by removing soluble contaminants.

Once a system is commissioned and running smoothly, it is in your best interest to ensure that it is maintained regularly in order to reduce running costs and increase reliability. We offer a comprehensive service for the descaling of boilers, bundles, condensers, pre-heaters and cooling towers, which are all carried out to the current ACoP L8 guidelines.

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At Rock Compliance, we provide sustainable air, water and M&E solutions designed to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of costly repairs
  • Extend the life of valuable assets
  • Ensure compliancy
  • Lessen environmental impact

We ensure the optimum performance of all your air, water and M&E services in order to:

  • Improve safety for everyone using the building
  • Enhance the working environment

We offer a wide range of air, water and M&E compliance services, delivered by our national network of offices and engineers:

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