Pipework system cleaning

Pre-commission cleaning is the process of bringing a closed heating or cooling system to a satisfactory state for commissioning, in line with the current guidance of BISRA BG 292021.

The process consists of dynamic flushing (flushing velocities and chemical cleaning to suit the system requirement), and post flushing (flushing velocities and backflushing of terminal units). Systems are then dosed with corrosion inhibitor and biocide to suit the system re-equipment. This may be molybdate, a molybdate/nitrite blend, or a tannin-based oxygen scavenger (for MTHW and HTHW systems).

Cleaning of New and Existing Pipework
Are you compliant?

At Rock Compliance, our team of highly experienced and qualified engineers ensures that the pre-commissioning cleaning of pipework systems is carried out to comply with the latest Building Regulations and BSRIA Codes of Practice standards. This process includes working to BG29 2021 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems – Amended 6th edition.

All our engineers carry a complete set of the latest pre-commissioning cleaning equipment, so we are fully equipped for any task.

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