🧫 Indoor air sampling and analysis

As a responsible business owner, you want anyone using your building to enjoy clean air – it’s good for them and it’s good for you, reducing sick days and improving productivity. Regular indoor air sampling in line with the regulatory framework collects data that can be used for monitoring air quali..

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St Andrew’s Day

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 We would like to wish the Team Rock staff in our Glasgow and Aberdeen offices and all our Scottish friends and customers a very Happy St Andrew's Day.            ..

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🎄 Christmas delivery dates

It's time to load up the Rock Compliance sleigh... Christmas delivery deadlines announced!              ..

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🥘 Kitchen extract and ventilation system cleaning

Grease and fat can build up in the extract and ventilation systems in commercial kitchens. This affects efficiency and also creates the perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Regular cleaning by Team Rock Air Hygiene engineers massively reduces these risks, and helps make sure that your kit..

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Hevasure monitoring system

A healthcare client had a large estate project to replace corroded thin wall carbon steel across multiple chilled water systems. After a collaborative consultation period, we provided a solution on how to prevent the conditions for corrosion in the systems, extend the asset life cycle, and increase..

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Bespoke legionella training
Ventilation Systems Risk Awareness training

Our Ventilation Systems Risk Awareness course is delivered by Paul Downing, Head of Faculty – Air. Paul is a hugely respected name in air and water compliance, and has had a long career in the industry, running his own air and water compliance company and acting as an independent consultant. He has..

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🚓 You’re nicked, sunshine!

Just a few more days until Andy Smith, our Head of Sales - Water and Air Hygiene, gets locked up (for a good cause!). #BossBreakOut sees a group of business leaders being imprisoned in an escape room in Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester, with just a few hours to use their social media to raise..

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Copper and Silver Ionisation

Businesses across all sectors are striving to be more energy efficient. One challenge is achieving this while still complying with guidelines and legislation relating to safe operating practices around, for example, Legionella. With our Copper and Silver Ionisation water hygiene treatment, energy at..

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Customer Case Studies brochure

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Download our case study booklet to learn more about our many successful compliance projects throughout the UK

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