Ventilation system balancing and regulation

The aim of carrying out balancing and regulation of ventilation systems is to apply a disciplined procedure of adjustment to airflow rates to meet the requirements of the design.

Commissioning and balancing of the ventilation system post-installation is essential to be certain of adequate airflow throughout your building. It also establishes a fully compliant system and trouble-free operation. Identifying and rectifying potential problems before they can cause major problems and costly downtime ensures hassle free operations.

Balancing and Regulation of Ventilation Systems
Reaching standards

The balancing of the air flow rates should be carried out to specified tolerances, as specified in BSRIA BG49-2015 Commissioning-air-systems, CIBSE Commissioning Code A: Air distribution systems.

Work of this nature should only be undertaken by engineers who have received the specific training required. At Team Rock, we have a continuous programme of education that ensures our service engineers always have the skillset necessary for the job at hand. This is another way that we deliver on our core promise to minimise risk, deliver compliance, and make it simple.

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