Comprehensive PPM contracts

Planned preventative maintenance

An affordable planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contract from Team Rock ensures that your water hygiene, water treatment and air hygiene systems are well managed. This results in more energy-efficient and reliable operations, reduced downtime, lower costs and fewer operational inefficiencies.

By adopting a PPM strategy, you improve efficiencies by:

  • Fixing small faults before they become bigger and more disruptive
  • Mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime and lost productivity due to faulty or broken services
  • Keeping systems running longer, saving money in the long run
Good business sense

Integrity is important to us, so we’re going to be honest with you – you don’t have to have a PPM strategy, but it makes really good business sense to set one up.

You know that the equipment used in your business is crucial to your success. Without a functioning and compliant air or water system, you cannot operate safely, so it’s vital that you keep everything up and running. Putting-off essential maintenance until there is a problem can result in costly downtime as well as unexpected costs. But a proactive approach, delivered by Team Rock via a bespoke PPM contract, keeps things running smoothly.

Comprehensive PPM contracts (Wheel of Compliance)
Stop small faults turning into big problems

After pre-commissioning and/or commissioning, your building is ready to open and welcome staff and visitors. To ensure your water and air systems continue to be compliant, we can work with your facilities management company to provide regular maintenance and ensure they keep functioning as effectively and efficiently as they did on the day you opened.

Our nationwide network of experienced engineers can deliver support with control of corrosion, fouling, biofouling and scale formation, so you get the most out of your closed circuit water system. We have a range of innovative and highly effective chemical treatments and always use the latest technology to keep your system running efficiently.

We also offer maintenance of air hygiene systems, including ventilation, ductwork, filter changes and extract cleaning. In fact, everything needed to maintain excellent indoor air quality and a safe and pleasant environment or everyone working in or visiting your business premises.

Coverage across the UK

We supply all air and water hygiene and water treatment services from under one roof, providing a single solution for remedial works and PPM cover. This means that you don’t have to organise several different contractors trained in only certain areas of expertise on the system.

With 11 offices throughout the UK, including dedicated bases in Scotland and Wales, we are always close by when you need us, our skilled and helpful engineers ready to help.

Rock Compliance – working with you to minimise risk, deliver compliance, and make it simple!

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Whether it is an issue of compliance, an investment decision, or if you are just not sure whether your existing provider is giving you what you need, please contact us.

We will be happy to give you advice on how to create low risk, compliant air hygiene systems, ensuring spend is minimised and predictable.

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