DOP HEPA / ULPA integrity testing

Commissioning of air systems to a high standard in order to comply with the latest guidelines is an essential process by which to deliver compliant and energy-efficient ventilation systems. As part of the commissioning process, we offer dispersed oil particulate (DOP) testing, which verifies the correct fitting and integrity of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters.

Rock Compliance provides DOP testing as a standalone service or as part of a commissioning package, which can include the validation, verification and balancing of entire critical ventilation systems. Our engineers can also supply, fit and carry out DOP testing of the filters as well as particle counting, if required. We also offer a comprehensive commissioning management service.

We have invested in the most advanced equipment and training for DOP HEPA/ULPA integrity testing, committed, as always, to delivering exceptional customer service.

DOP HEPA ULPA Integrity Testing
HEPA filters and DOP testing

HEPA filters and ULPA filters are used in the air purification process associated with ventilation systems.  They are particularly important in healthcare critical ventilation systems and the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, optical and aerospace industries, where the supply of ultraclean air is imperative. This could be in, for example, an ultraclean operating theatre, cleanroom, laboratory or isolation room.

The filters work by forcing air through a very fine mesh of densely matted fibres that trap unwanted particles. It is essential that the filters in these sensitive areas are checked regularly to ensure they have been correctly installed and have not developed leaks during operation or installation.

DOP testing is performed in accordance with all relevant guidelines, including BS EN ISO 14644-3 as specified in HTM 03-01 Specialist Ventilation for Healthcare premises.

At all times during the testing, our engineers adhere to strict health and safety procedures and follow manufacturer’s instructions when handling any equipment.

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