Hevasure monitoring system

A healthcare client had a large estate project to replace corroded thin wall carbon steel across multiple chilled water systems. After a collaborative consultation period, we provided a solution on how to prevent the conditions for corrosion in the systems, extend the asset life cycle, and increase the efficiency of the system to reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs.

We are installing eight Hevasure water and corrosion monitoring systems to help detect changes to the system parameters or integrity that could create a corrosive environment and remediate BEFORE corrosion happens. We are also installing multiple sidestream filtration systems from the Filterpot range of products, provided by our partner Building Services Products Ltd. Recent independent academic studies have shown that pump efficiency is increased by up to 80% with correctly maintained filtration on a closed system.

These solutions, coupled with the ongoing support from Rock Compliance as a contract partner, will ensure that systems run efficiently and reliably for many, many years.









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