Graeme Murray – The Rock Compliance Story

Rock Compliance is built on three fundamental values:

Minimising risk

Delivering compliance

Making it simple

These values are at the heart of everything we do. It is our ambition that everyone in Team Rock, as we call it, will use them as the basis for the value that Rock Compliance delivers to our clients. Will this be a rehearsed corporate company mantra that everyone chants at 9am every morning? No! Everyone will develop their own way to tell their part of the story, be it an engineer using them to talk through the non-conformances identified on a site, a client services executive speaking to an existing client on the phone, or a business development manager looking to win a new customer.

For me, this is what these values mean:

Minimising Risk  This is a continuous process of actual risk reduction for our clients. We are not there to just tick the box in a Legionella regime, a fire damper drop-test or a test on an emergency light – it is what happens next that really adds value. By investigating the root cause of the non-conformances identified by our operations team, and actively working with clients to eliminate these, we deliver on our company value of minimising risk. Over time, as we eliminate these risks, we drive down the cost of compliance for our clients.

Delivering Compliance  Delivering compliance is clearly documenting where we have resolved these compliance gaps, and regularly quantifying and communicating this success to our customers. This builds trust in the Rock Compliance brand and gives customers peace of mind. In business reviews with our key clients, we will utilise our software to demonstrate how the number of non-conformances is reducing over time.

Making it Simple   At Rock Compliance, we work hard to make it simple for our clients. We will question our processes, our technology, our systems, and ourselves to see how we can strip out unnecessary complexity. This task is ongoing: we will continue to find ways to make it simple to do business with us, simple to read and understand our reports, simple to communicate with us, and ultimately make it a simple decision for our clients to renew their contract with us and trust us with more services from within the Rock Compliance bundle.

So I say to Team Rock, please consider these values and how the work you do contributes to delivering on them. Don’t be afraid to use them in your customer conversations – this is how you will find your own version of the Team Rock story.


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