🐯 Are you an ostrich or a tiger?

A puzzled ostrich

Are you an ostrich or a tiger?

Ostriches are famed for burying their heads in the sand, putting off dealing with issues for as long as possible. Tigers, on the other hand, are alert, sensitive to what’s going on around them, and highly responsive.

When it comes to managing compliance in your air, water and M&E systems, you have two options:
– The Ostrich or Reactive Approach: This involves ignoring non-conformances for as long as possible (leading to risk to people, costly downtime, damage to reputation, reduced output, and possible extensive and expensive replacement of equipment damaged beyond repair)
– The Tiger or Proactive Approach: This involves continued asset monitoring and maintenance with regular reviews, taking appropriate action to ensure that non-conformances are resolved quickly and effectively (resulting in predictable and minimised budget spend, a great reputation for reliability and productivity, and generally lower costs due to assets being well maintained)

At Rock Compliance, we help you to be a tiger. Gggrrrr 🐯


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