Heating and hot water systems

Turnkey capability

Rock Compliance’s dedicated mechanical services team provides a full turnkey capability to carry out the supply and installation of commercial and industrial heating and hot water systems. Whether working in facilities-managed or new installation-type works, we ensure that all of our clients’ requirements are met and improved upon.

Our engineering team is fully trained in the installation of steam, high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature hot water systems. All works are fully managed throughout the process by our first-class technical leadership team.

We work with gas and oil-fired heating and hot water systems, together with all types of HVAC systems.

Service Gas Oil Fired Heating Hot Water Systems
Supporting a net zero future

Hydrogen is a clean fuel that, when consumed in a fuel cell, produces only water. It is an energy carrier that can be used to store, move, and deliver energy produced from other sources.

In its fight against climate change, the UK has set a world-leading net zero target, and in doing so has become the first major economy to take such a decisive step. The move away from fossil fuels in favour of clean energy such as hydrogen plays an important part in this.

At Rock Compliance, we are backing the use and installation of hydrogen-fired appliances and infrastructure, in line with the government’s proposed reduction and subsequent ending of the use of G20 Natural Gas within the UK.

As part of this, we are supporting the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) in the development stage of this new technology. This will enable us to give our clients the full support required when the changes to their plant and equipment occur.

Read the Energy White Paper, entitled Powering our Net Zero Future.

Making Team Rock part of your team

We work closely with you throughout to deliver a transparent and professional service. We are absolutely committed to delivering a level of customer service that you won’t find anywhere else, keeping your M&E systems running safely and efficiently.

Rock Compliance – a team that cares

At Rock Compliance, you are important to us.  We promise that you will always be at the absolute centre of everything we do.  Our highly skilled, specialised workforce is absolutely committed to delivering a customer experience that we believe is unrivalled in our industry.  We look forward to talking to you.

For any M&E requirements that you may have, please contact our senior engineers directly:

  • Mark Wilkinson 07375 536611
  • Peter Flavell 07907 442726


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If you have a query regarding your M&E provision or would like to know more about Rock Compliance and the wide range of services we offer, please get in touch contact us.

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