Extract and Ventilation System Cleaning

A fire risk and bacteria breeding ground

Kitchen extract and ventilation system cleaning play an important part in air hygiene compliance.

According to the Kent Fire and Rescue Service,  70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty extract ventilation systems. This is due to the accumulation of fat and grease. Grease build-up also reduces system efficiency and causes an environmental health hazard by providing a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

These risks can be hugely reduced by carrying out regular cleaning of your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems.

Kitchen Extract and Ventilation System Cleaning
Out of sight, out of mind?

The external hood above a cooker or fryer may appear clean, but underneath the hood it could be a very different story. Grease can accumulate inside the ductwork, where it can smell, attract vermin, reduce system efficiency, and, most importantly, pose a dangerous fire risk.

This is a very serious issue, with the ductwork providing a means for the fire to spread quickly throughout an entire building, particularly if your fire and smoke dampers are not working properly. In the event of a fire, if you have not implemented regular cleaning of the kitchen extract and ventilation system, you may find yourself in breach of your insurance agreement.

Implementing a monitoring regime will enable you to establish how often the system need to be cleaned, identify any problems and ensure the system is working safely.

Team Rock rocks!

The kitchen extract and ventilation system requires regular cleaning, depending on level of use.  We understand that this can be disruptive to business, as the whole system needs to be shut down. However, as experienced service providers, we know how to do everything possible to minimise this.

Work of this nature should always be undertaken by a specialist. At Rock Compliance, our engineers make it simple to reduce risk and ensure compliance. And as we offer a full package of services, we are able to offer advice across both air and water hygiene compliance.

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Whether it is an issue of compliance, an investment decision or you are just not quite sure whether your existing provider is giving you what you want, please contact us. We will be happy to give you advice on how to create low risk, compliant air hygiene systems, ensuring spend is minimised and predictable.

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