Fire and Smoke Damper Testing

What are fire dampers?

British Standard 9999:2017 Code of Practice for fire safety in the design and use of buildings states, “…any grille or opening through the (service duct) enclosure for ventilation purposes should be protected by a fire damper.”

Fire dampers are mechanical ducting fittings, usually used whenever there is a fire-resistant wall in a property and ductwork passes through fire compartment walls and doors. A ducting vent provides a place through which fire and smoke can spread from one room to another, but fire dampers can prevent this.

Fire dampers are held open by a ‘fusible’ link. When this is met by high heat, the link melts, closing the damper. This stops the spread of fire and smoke and allows time to evacuate the building.

With this in mind, it’s clear that fire dampers should be considered as important as a fire alarm.

Fire and Smoke Damper Testing for Safer Premises
A matter of life and death

Fire dampers play a crucial role in a building’s fire safety system. The difference between a well maintained, working fire damper and an ill maintained, partially working fire damper can literally be the difference between life and death.

With the enactment of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is now the employer’s responsibility to maintain their fire safety systems.

Damper maintenance is often overlooked, with potentially fatal consequences. Don’t risk being caught out, bring in a service provider that lets you sleep easy, knowing your building is safe and compliant.

Team Rock – your fire damper partner

All fire safety systems must be regularly and professionally maintained to ensure the safety of building occupants. It’s important to remember that a faulty fire damper will not prevent the spread of fire.

We can provide this essential fire safety service, whereby all your fire dampers are cleaned, lubricated, drop tested and reset by our expert engineers. This ensures that they are in good working order.

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