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The primary role of cooling water or water cooled systems is to remove heat by means of a heat exchange to water in a cooling system. They play an essential role in many commercial, industrial and process environments and are an extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient means of heat transfer.

However, if cooling water systems are not maintained correctly, there are a host of problems that can affect cost, performance, reliability and safety. These include corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbial contamination. To avoid this, they require chemical treatment to ensure they are working at the optimum level.

At Rock Compliance, we use the most recent and effective polymers and biocides, coupled with state-of-the-art dosing and control equipment, to ensure compliance and maximise plant longevity.

Steam boiler water chemicals equipment and service
Innovation keeps us ahead of the rest

We are always early adopters of the latest technology. We conducted field trials using PCR analysis for Legionella spp. We were one of the first companies in the UK to use remote comms-enabled cooling tower controllers. Our AquaManager reporting and analysis software suite makes it easier than ever before to keep the detailed records needed to ensure compliancy with relevant legislation.

We have also formulated cooling water inhibitors using novel polymers, the formulation for which then underwent rigorous laboratory and field testing in conjunction with one of the market- leading polymer research and production companies.

In addition, we have been involved in the field trials of several spectrophotometers and meters on behalf of the primary manufacturers, the results of which have been presented at numerous conferences around the world.

Team Rock – your cooling water system partner

A planned preventative maintenance (PPM) package from Rock Compliance helps you to achieve:

  • An ongoing reduction in non-conformances
  • Low risk, compliant systems
  • Minimised and predictable spend

Whatever sector you operate in, we have the expertise you need to keep your cooling water system in optimum condition.

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Whether it is an issue of compliance, an investment decision, or you are just not quite sure whether your existing provider is giving you what you want, please contact us. We will be happy to give you advice on how to create low risk compliant water systems, ensuring spend is minimised and predictable.

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