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Rock Compliance van

Rock Compliance now has over 150 vehicles!  We always want to make sure that we do everything possible to protect our employees and protect the planet. One way we do this is by encouraging the highest standard of driving, which is safer and improves fuel efficiency.

To achieve this, we have introduced Verizon Connect software.  Verizon Connect lets us monitor age of vehicle, mileage, fuel spend, service history, driver behaviour and much more.  It also has a feature that identifies those drivers within the company that have the best driving skills, such as braking gently, accelerating smoothly and taking corners with finesse!  We are currently working on a scheme that will allow us to reward these drivers for their careful handling of company vehicles.

We consistently invest in the best software to support Team Rock, and Verizon Connect is robust and innovative – just what our safety manager, Alan Guzman, needs to help him oversee our fleet vehicles.


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