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Rock Compliance is on the APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) framework EFM1044 AP Water Quality Management (Including Legionella) to carry out regional risk assessment services, nationwide water quality treatment services, and nationwide one-stop-shop provision of full water quality management services.

We have already started working with customers through the framework and look forward to the opportunities it will bring to extend our reach in the higher education sector.

The framework agreement is accessible to members and affiliated bodies of the following groups and institutions:
• Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC)
• London Universities Purchasing Consortium and its members (LUPC)
• North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium and its members (NWUPC)
• North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium and its members (NEUPC)
• Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales and its members HEPCW
• Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium its members (SUPC)
• NHS National Procurement and its members
• Scotland Excel and its members and their affiliates
• Scottish Government and its member bodies
• Wider Public Sector and associated members (Scotland)
• Scotland National Devolved Public Bodies

For more information on this framework, please visit https://www.apuc-scot.ac.uk/

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